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Setting standards of excellence in facilitating initiatives at individual, organization and institutional level to design, develop, plan, manage and control Programmes in a highly profeshional manner for a better and more resilient future.


Our Services

We offered a wide range of services from designing and planning to successfully  implement, monitor and evaluate diverse nature Projects and Programmes.

Strategy Development

we help our clients prepare effective long and short-term programmes and projects that actually benefit the people. From defining vision and mission statements to strategic and work planning, we provide step-by-step guidance to our clients in implementing an effective and realistic organizational strategy

Knowledge Development and Management

We create and develop knowledge for our clients in public, corporate and development sector.

Training & Capacity Building

We offer standardized as well as customized training to meet your specific needs. We have a network of highly trained and committed management and development professionals who have vast national and international experience.

Support and Promote Innovation

Innovation is essential for the growth of any organization. We offer services to successfully implement innovation, we identify opportunities for innovation by adapting your product or service to the way your marketplace is changing while ensuring value for money.

Research Work

We facilitate research work including assessments, surveys, mid and Edline evaluations



We provide professional, confidential and  efficient recruitment and payroll outsourcing services.


“I appreciate IDIS team's dedication, hard work and making it success, its been extremely enjoyable to work with dynamic group of professionals.”



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